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Emergency Sand Bags


If you need Sand Bags quickly, call us!  We can ship thousands on the same day as your order.

In addition, if you are a municipality, corporation or government entity who is interested in having us put together an emergency program entailing large and small sand bags ready and loaded for deployment, please get in contact with us.

Sand Bags available immediately (Available in White, Green, Orange and Tan)

Our standard sandbag size is 14” x 26” and holds 40 to 50 lbs of sand. They are made are heavy duty woven polypropylene and will resist any punctures or tears.  They come with a tie attached which can be used to tie up the bag when filled.  These can also be used for feed, seed, manure, etc.

If you have an emergency situation, we can ship out thousands immediately.   We are centrally located in Houston, Texas and can ship anywhere in the US quickly.  Call for a price.

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What are Bulk Bags?

Loading Bulk Bags


Bulk Bags are polypropylene bags and also called Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC).  The name bulk bags, FIBC, totes, etc. are all used for the same product.  Essentially, these flexible plastic containers are used as an intermediate storage for many different products from guar, flour, sugar, rubber crumb, chemical resin, and the list goes on and on.  They can be made per your custom size specifications, but the closest thing to a standard would be 35x35x45 and holds 1 ton.  The bags are fully recyclable and depending on the quality, can be for one trip or multiple trips.  We are one of the largest suppliers of bulk bags, so if you are interested in learning more, call us to discuss.

What are Bulk Bags?2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Polypropylene Bulk Bags

Polypropylene bulk bags are used in many industries to transport goods from a supplier to a customer.  These bags are used in the agriculture (feed, seed, soybeans, corn, peanuts, etc.), chemical, food, rubber, and many other industries.  Virtually all of these bags are manufactured outside the United States due to low labor costs associated with the manual labor needed to make the bags.  China, India and Turkey are some of the biggest suppliers of polypropylene bulk bags.  The bags are easily stored and are fully recyclable. If you need either new or used bags, we would be happy to discuss your needs.

Polypropylene Bulk Bags2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Wooden Pallets

We have relied on Custom Packaging Products to deliver both new and used pallets for many years.
Large Food Distributor

At Custom Packaging Products, we are a full service packaging company.  We provide pallet services to companies in many states.  We have a large selection of both new and used pallets, but our service is what sets us apart from the competition.

Give us a try and you will see why we never lose customers!

Wooden Pallets2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Bulk bags for sale

Food Grade Bulk Bags

  • Used Bulk Bag previously held PET resin pellets
  • 37x37x50″ Spout Top, Spout Bottom
  • Good bag for plastic recycling, aggregates, sand, and many others.

Bulk bags for sale2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Used Gaylords

Used Gaylord Boxes: We have boxes for sale all over the US

With over 50 Truckloads of boxes ready to go at any time!, CPP can be your trusted supplier of high quality used Gaylord Boxes.

What Else? We always guarantee the quality of our Gaylord boxes.

We have rectangle, octagon, HPT41 and many other style boxes.  95% of what we sell will be pallet size boxes, and will have been used one time.  

  • You will always get exactly what we say we are shipping
  • We ship many truckloads each month, so our shipping rates will be the best around
Check Locations

Dow Octagon

Gaylord boxes stack

Used Gaylords2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Who Uses Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags are used in many different industries where products need to be shipped via truck, rail, overseas containers, etc.  The bulk bags are well suited for storing in warehouses, as they can be palletized and stacked sometimes 3 to 4 high depending on what type of bag is used and the type of product being stored.  In addition, they can be attractive to your customers, as they can be quickly unloaded at the customer’s location.  You will see bulk bags being used in the agriculture, chemical, rubber, mining, and construction markets among others.

Also, if you are looking for a recycling company for your used or scrap bulk bags, then contact us and we will come pick them up an pay you what they are worth.  Visit our recycling page for more information or just contact us.


Who Uses Bulk Bags?2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Agriculture Bulk Bags

Call us for a large selection of agriculture bulk bags.  Whether you are trying to load feed, seed, nuts, vegetables, we can find the right bag for your needs.

Agriculture Bulk Bags2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Duffle Top Bulk Bag

Below is an example of a duffle top bulk bag.  These are used to allow the top of the bulk bag to remain fully open when loading, but also enable the bag to be closed when transporting.  We keep many of these bags both new and used in our inventory for immediate shipment. We have 15-20 thousand on hand at all times, so call us to see what we can do to save you some money.













Call us today for a quote.

Duffle Top Bulk Bag2020-12-28T17:21:36-06:00

Cement Bags

For those of you looking for cement bags, watch this video to see how strong our FIBC Bulk Bags are and how they can be loaded.

Visit our link in the right sidebar to get more information about this front-end loader attachment.

Cement Bags2020-12-28T17:21:37-06:00
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