Bulk Bag Inventory:

We have many different new bag specifications listed below and ready to ship from our bulk bag supplier.  We try to keep our bulk bag, Super Sack, and one ton sack inventory as accurate as possible, but its always best to call as the bags counts change daily.  Call our bulk bag supplier and we can give you an inventory count and a price for the number of bulk bags you are ordering.

One Ton Bulk Bags        
    Used FIBC Bulk Bag 37x37x50   

Used Bulk Bag Inventory

Item #TypeDimensionsStyleTopBottomStrapsLinerSWLQtyPrice
CPP-B894uUsed42″x35″x50″CircularDuffleSpoutCross CornerN/A35,000$3.50
CPP-B891uUsed42″x42″x46″BaffleSpoutSpoutCross CornerN/A2205 lbs0$3.50
CPP-B049Used50″x36″x40″BaffleSpoutSpoutStandardN/A4000 lbs10,000$3.25
CPP-B051New52″x38″x42″”BaffleSpoutSpoutStandardN/A4000 lbs25,000$3.25
CPP-B053Used52″x38″x48″BaffleSpoutSpoutStandardN/A4000 lbs8,000$3.25
CPP-B055Used52″x38″x55″BaffleSpoutSpoutStandardN/A4000 lbs6,000$3.25
CPP-B899Used37″x37″x50″CircularSpoutSpoutCross CornerYes2205 lbs0$2.50
CPP-B900Used36″x36″x60″CircularSpoutSpoutStandardNo2205 lbs0$4.95
CPP-B901Used36″x36″x72″CircularSpoutSpoutStandardNo2205 lbs0$4.95
CPP-B902Used38″x38″x62″CircularSpoutSpoutCross CornerNo2500 lbs0$6.50
CPP-B895Used35″x35″x76″CircularSpoutSpoutStandardNo2205 lbs0$4.95

New Bulk Bag Inventory