Below is a step by step view of our manufacturing process:

Quality and Safety are our number one priority!

Our clean rooms are some of the best in the world and we in the top five companies producing bulk bags.

Step 1: (Resin)

We only use the best quality virgin resin.


Step 2: (Extrusion)

Extrusion is where we turn the powder resin into a liquid form by heating it up as the first part of the process.  Then the melted resin is formed into sheets as it cools.  Finally, the sheets are cut into thin strips which form the yarn to be used for weaving the material.

Step 3: (Weaving)

Step 4: (Optional Coating)

Step 5: (Cutting)

Step 6: (Sewing)

Step 7: (Pre-Shipping)

Step 8: (Shipping)