Used Bulk Bags and 1 Ton Sacks


Used Bulk bags or 1 ton sacks are our supply company’s specialty, and we strive to deliver the best used bag as possible.  We only sell used sacks/bags that are free of cuts, dirt, mildew, etc.  We work our supply of bags from our supplier all the way to the delivery of our end customer.  If the bags are not baled properly, they will be cut in the process and you will end up with 20-30% of the bags defective.  This is why we put in special balers to ensure the bags are not damaged in any part of the supply chain. While it is hard to located large supplies of quality used bags, we have spent considerable time perfecting this market to bring the best bags at the lowest prices.  We understand that customers who are in the market for a used bag, do not want to pay anywhere near the price of a new bag.  This is why we have worked years to perfect the art of delivering a quality used bag at a low price.

Reconditioned vs. Used

We sell used bulk bags in two different states.  We realize that some may be disposing of the material and bag when finished and do not care what residual product may be in the bags and used bags are fine for this purpose.  However, some may be selling this to an end customer and do not want any residual product in the bags, so this customer would be better suited for a reconditioned bag.

Used Bulk Bags/1 Ton Sacks:

One is a used bag that has comes directly from our suppliers and has not had any performed on the bag such as cleaning, washing, re-tie of the spouts, folding, or quality inspections.

Reconditioned Bulk Bags/1 Ton Sacks:

These are the same used bulk bags are above, but our supply company will perform other work on the bags to bring them to a “like new” state.  This entails either washing or blowing out the bags, tying up the bottom spouts, inspecting on lighted tables for any damage, folding and palletizing them.