We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help you understand the bulk FIBC bag manufacturing and packaging product market:

    • Who uses bulk bags?  Bulk bags are used in many industries such as food grade, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, refractories, agriculture, construction, rubber crumb, etc.
    • What are the different type of bulk bags we manufacture?  There are many variations of bulk bags but the main types are Circular, 4 Panel, U-Panel, and Baffle.
    • What are the main types of tops you can get on bulk bags?  As with bulk bag types, there are many variations of tops, but the main ones are Spout Top, Spout Top with Cone, Duffel Top, Open Top,  Open Top with Flap.
    • What are the main types of bottoms you can get on bulk bags?  This is not an all inclusive list but the main bottoms for bulk bags are Flat/Plain Bottom, Spout Bottom, and Full Open Discharge Bottom.
    • What does the term SWL mean on the tag of a bulk bag?  SWL stands for Safe Working Load and should always be printed on the tag of the bulk bag you are buying.  This helps everyone who may use this bulk bag, either new or used, to understand the safe working limitations of the weight that is being transported.  The industry minimum is a 5:1 ratio which means the bag should hold 5 times the SWL without breaking.
    • Can printing be placed on my bulk bags?  Yes, printing can be done at the bulk bag manufacturing and packaging product factory  and can either be on 1 or all sides of the bulk bag.
    • What are baffles used for in bulk bags?  Bulk bags with baffles are used to transport lower density products where there is a need to conserve space in warehouses, trucks, etc.   They will stand up more square and allow for better stacking thus saving space allowing for a more sturdy bag.
    • What is coating on bulk bags and why is it used?  Coating is another process in the manufacturing where polypropylene is applied to the already woven material to add a sift proof layer.  This is used in industries where the product being shipped is very fine and can sift through a non-coated bulk bag.
    • What are food grade bulk bags?  Food grade bulk bags are polypropylene bags which have been manufactured in a clean room that resides in an AIB certified plant.  The intention of these bags is to be used to transport food products free of contaminants.