Custom Packaging Products has been in the FIBC manufacturing and packaging business for the last 20 years, and is a privately held custom bulk bag supply company.   As our motto states, we focus on high quality and consistent delivery on every order.  Since we are the manufacture of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), we are able to control the quality, price and delivery much better than a broker in the FIBC supply market.  Most of our core business is centered on supplying large container orders from our FIBC manufacturing plants in China and Indonesia.  However, we can still deliver lower quantities by invoking our on time delivery methods to group customers together to acquire the best price.

We are always eager to have our customers visit our overseas plants to allow us to show our production and testing facilities.  This first hand tour gives an appreciation for what is being done to ensure the highest quality and the safest bulk bags on the market are being produced.  Once our plant receives your custom specifications, your product is built from the base polypropylene resin to the end product with quality and consistency in mind throughout the process.  Our plants hold ISO 9001 certifications and are audited each year to ensure we are in compliance.

As most industries are working under low margins in today’s economy, no company can afford to allow production to be stopped due to running out of bulk bags.  No matter what your situation may be, we have a FIBC manufacturing and custom bulk bag supply solution to ensure your production facilities do not stop.   Ideally, we can provide the best price points by sourcing the bags from our overseas plants, but we can also provide bags on very short lead times.  We can deliver custom bags in an emergency situation in 2-4 weeks and for the dire emergencies, we can make 1,000 bags in one day.  We have the best lead time in the industry and provide a consistent delivery based on the customer’s situation and needs.