We are the North America dealer for Komac Industries, who manufacture and distribute the Komac Bulk Bag Filler.  This is a revolutionary attachment for front-end loaders which is used extensively in Europe and is starting to get a foothold in the USA.  This attachment essentially allows one person to sit in the machinery and load one bulk bag after without any other help.  The applications for this are endless for those of you who have a front-end loader, but do not have a fork lift which is the usual method for handling bulk bags.  Watch the video below to see how this simple attachment can make your business more profitable.



Pictured below is a version of the loader which is able to load spout top bulk bags.  The unit has a valve that is controlled in the wheel loader to control the flow of the product into the bags.  All of our loading units are built in Germany with the best steel available.

Model VBSO7 has the ability to load spout top bags:

VBS07-001 LR   Bulk Bags Filler with Spout Attachement

Pictured below is a VBSO1 model and this one is our most popular, as it can load a lot of bags quickly.  This unit can load 60 bags an hour!  Most duffle top and open top bags can be used with this model.  However, to enable the loading to be as quick as possible, we can provide a custom made bag ensure the time to attach the bag is minimal.

Model VBSO1 has the ability to load duffle/open top bags:


Bulk bag filler for construction