Largest Supply of Used Wood Pallets

We have over 40,000 used wood pallets on our facility at any time to service our large customers.  If you need a large supply on an ongoing basis, we can service your needs.  We supply customers utilizing over 15,000 used pallets a month and we always deliver high quality pallets on time.  We have many sizes available whether you are looking for standard US stringer pallets, Euro pallets, CP or Chemical Pallets.  In addition, we are able to supply any pallet you may require to export your products.  We are Certified ISPM 15 compliant and will guarantee you will not experience in delays in shipping due to the pallets we provide.  All of our export pallets are heat treated, and we are happy to provide our certificate with each truckload we supply.  We move our inventory so frequently that none of our pallets will ever sit on our lot long enough to become damaged by the elements.  It does not matter which state you may be located in, as we can supply quality pallets across the United States at comparable rates.  If you are new to shipping overseas, call us and we will be happy to offer guidance to ensure you are within the necessary requirements.

We ship truckloads of pallets every day

If you want consistent, reliable company that can deliver every time, then we are the company to call.  We have many references which will verify our ability to meet any requirements no matter how big or small.

As always, if you do not like any pallet we send you, then we are happy to pick them up and return your money.

Give us a call to discuss.