New pallets

All of pallets are designed using the Pallet Designed System (PDS) software and manufactured to the product standards of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA).  This assures all of our pallets are built with highest standards to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.  We utilize the Pallet Designed System (PDS) software to design the most efficient pallet needed to hold precisely the weight you will be transporting. To further reduce costs, the program also allows us to generate several options for wood selection. We may suggest a thinner hardwood runner to replace a pine runner to save cost and still maintain your load requirements. Our software allows us to design your pallet or skid to your specifications or we can build it to hold the desired weight. By determining the exact specification, we can reduce damages to your products further down the supply chain. Custom Pallets allow you to have them painted, stenciled, or branded with your logo.

We are a major supplier for new wood pallets in the Houston, Texas area.  No matter what quantity you may be looking for, we can service your needs.  We have been in the pallet  business for many years, so we have the experience to ensure you are receiving the exact product you need.  In addition, we realize your work cannot be stopped, so we will guarantee your pallets are delivered on time each month.


Pallets in Houston, Texas