Custom Bulk Boxes

Custom Corrugated Displays

We have been in the corrugated industry for 22 years and can provide custom 4 color displays, Gaylord boxes, Pads, stock boxes, and the list goes on.

Contract Packaging

We can mill, blend, sift, trans-load industrial products at an affordable rate.  Whether you are moving product to bulk bags, 25 kg poly-woven bags or form fill and seal, we can handle all your request.

Bulk Bags

We can build custom bulk bags to fit your exact needs enabling you to speed up your production and move product faster.  We have designed bags for companies that have increased production by more than 40%.  For more information, visit our  bulk bag division website to see quality bulk bags.

Pallets Division

We service many companies both locally and nationally for new and used wooden pallets as well as plastic pallets.  We are able to supply either a truckload a month or two truckloads a day, as we keep an extensive supply of shipping pallets on hand at all times.  If you have a need to save money by moving to a used pallet, we have the program to wash, treat and deliver pallets to replace the higher costs of new pallets.  We are happy to come by and discuss all the options we have to meet your packaging supply needs.

For more in depth information visit our pallet division website.

Who Are We:

At Custom Packaging Products, we are a full service packaging supplier and contract packaging company.  We provide all your Industrial packaging needs, like bulk bags or shipping pallets, as well as packaging fulfillment of your products in our facility.  We can custom design your packaging according to your needs and provide blending, milling, trans-loading, and packaging in any size bags (25 kg poly woven , poly bags, paper valve bags, bulk bags, etc.).  Whether you have a requirement to load frac sand, fertilizer, feed, seed, or any other products, we can build a turn key solution to load one truckload or hundreds.

In addition, we are a major packaging supplier of  bulk bags/FIBC bags, pallets, PE Bags, and many more packaging items.  We can custom build them from the ground up, and then deliver them on time with the highest quality.  We have over 50 years of combined experience in the packaging market.  Our sales team, manufacture representatives and all our staff members have been trained to ensure you receive the appropriate packaging for your situation.  We are based in Houston, Texas but supply companies in many states including Arkansas, Louisiana, California, Wyoming, Montana, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon…

If you have any concern regarding how you bulk bags are performing, we can have them independently tested. Once we determine what is causing the issue, we can have our R&D team perform analysis to come up with a solution. This has solved problems in the past such as chemicals reacting improperly to the polypropylene fabric. A few changes to the resin mix and the problem was resolved.
Whether you have a closed loop distribution and would like to be able to reuse your bags or you are looking for a lower cost solution for bags, we can help in both cases. We have a facility to clean, inspect, repair, and process them for another use and we will guarantee they will be as good as a new bulk bag. In addition, we have thousands of bags to sell that are reconditioned but perform like a new bag for a lot less cost.
If you are throwing away bulk bags, you need to call us to see if they can be recycled. We purchase thousands of bags from customers and will be happy to work with you to find a suitable solution. Sometimes the bags are only good for recycling purposes, but if we can recondition the bag then we will be able to offer more.

Why Choose Us

  • You will always have a real person answer the phone to discuss your needs
  • We will not stop until you are happy with a viable solution
  • We have been in the business a long time and help you avoid the mistakes others have made
  • Whether you need 50 bags, pallets, boxes or 50,000, we have the perfect solution
  • We do it all, so it only takes one call to secure all your packaging needs

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