The Premier FIBC Bags Supplier

FIBC bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) are known by several names, such as super sacks, bulk bags, totes, one ton bags, and jumbo bags. Whatever name you know them by, Custom Packaging Products, an FIBC bag supplier, has a huge selection to serve your bulk bag needs. From simple to super complex specifications, our bags are sturdy enough to hold 5,000 pounds. Many industries use FIBC bags on a regular basis, including the food, pharmaceutical, and mining industries. With more than 70 bag specifications available to ship anywhere in the country, CPP is your best source for bulk bags.

We have a reputation for our high-quality products and customer service. We regularly help our customers resolve issues such as problems with loading or unloading bags. Our custom FIBC bags are used for food grade, pharmaceutical, chemical, and mining purposes. We produce many types of liners, from loose tube liners to high heat polypropylene and foil liners. With over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, we can bring knowledge and expertise to help your business excel.

Custom Packaging Products, an FIBC bag supplier, uses only 100% virgin polypropylene and polyethylene resin, and meets all FDA food and pharmaceutical standards. Filler products, which can reduce integrity and cause failures, are never used in our products. We manufacture duffle top, super duffle top, spout top, and super spout top bags. Whatever your bulk bags needs, we can provide a customized solution. To learn more about how Custom Packaging Products can help with your FIBC bag needs, contact us today!