Super Sack Loaded

A Top Super Sacks Supplier Company

Custom Packaging Products is your source for a wide selection of super sacks, also known as bulk bags, totes, one ton bags, FIBC bulk bags, and jumbo bags. Whether you need a simple bag or a complex specification,  our super sack and bulk bag manufacturing company  has you covered. Our bags are extremely sturdy, and can withstand up to 5,000 pounds. With 70 specifications of bags in stock and ready to ship across the U.S., we meet the needs of numerous industries that utilize super sacks.  From mining, sand, food, resin, carbon black we can support all these industries by providing the correct bag at a reasonable price.

We work with our customers to help find solutions to loading or unloading issues. Our custom super sacks manufacturing company serves industries that require bulk bags for pharmaceutical, food grade, chemical, and mining needs. From high heat polypropylene, foil liners, and loose tube liners, we can fulfill your custom specification requirements. We have earned a reputation for our high standards and quality products in the packaging industry, being in business for more than 20 years. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business excel. Our products meet all FDA food and pharmaceutical requirements, using only 100% virgin polypropylene and polyethylene resin. You won’t find filler products in our super sacks.  We also adhere to all of FIBCA’s standards for designing bags.

We produce a wide variety of super sacks, including duffle top, super duffle top, spout top, and super spout top sacks. For more information about how Custom Packaging Products, a super sack and bulk bag manufacturing company, can meet your  needs, contact us today!