Shrink Bags


Shrink film wrap and shrink wrap bags are used in many industries to protect products from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, moisture, dirt, theft, etc.  In addition, it provides a more professional packaged product and secures the load to the pallet much better than simply stretch wrapping the pallet.

Who Uses Shrink Film or Bags:

You will see many industrial shops, packaging companies, mineral companies all using shrink film wrap and shrink wrap bags for pallet wrapping to protect their property or bags being shipped.

How is Shrink Film used:

Typically, a user will either use a heat gun for lower mil film or a gun with a flame for higher mil film.  The lower the thickness or mil of the film, they lower the has to be to shrink the film.  If you are not hot enough, it will not shrink properly.   However, if you are too hot, it will melt a hole in the film.

What do we do:

We take plastic polypropylene pellets and melt them with or without a color additive and then extrude the plastic into a film at the desired thickness.  Then we either cut the film to size or continue an additional process to make bags from the raw film.  We custom make shrink bags to your specifications and can produce them in most primary colors and any thickness you need.  Due to the additives we apply, our shrink film wrap and shrink wrap bags are more easily shrunk with a heat gun to allow you to quickly seal a pallet or other packaged equipment.  We can either make a gusseted bag or flat film depending on your needs.  A C-fold bag will quickly go over a pallet and will not require any cutting before shrinking it to the pallet.